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Op-eds by the Authors

Whatever - "The Big Idea: Brett Frischmann"

Scientific American - "Electronic Contracts and the Illusion of Consent"

Scientific American - "Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?"

Stanford Center for Internet and Society - "The Promise and Peril of Personalization"

Scientific American - "How Personalization Leads to Homogeneity"

The Economist (Interview) - "Is Technology Re-Engineering Humanity?"

Scientific American - "There's Nothing Wrong with Being a Luddite"

Scientific American - "The Misleading Power of Internet Metaphors"

Scientific American - "Algorithm and Blues: The Tyranny of the Coming Smart-Tech Utopia"

Scientific American - "How Facebook Programmed our Relatives"

Medium - "Facebook Fabricates Trust Through Fake Intimacy"

Digital Trends (Interview) - "Technology makes our lives easier, but is it at the cost of our humanity?"

LinkedIn (Interview) - "Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Humanity's Future"

Medium - "Mocking Congress Won't Make It Tech Literate"

The Guardian - "Here's why tech companies abuse our data: because we let them"

Medium - "Will Tech Companies Ever Take Ethics Seriously?"

New York Daily News - "Fixing the Facebook Problem Requires a Massive Culture Shift"

Medium - "Can We Be Friends with Robots?"

Motherboard - "How Self-Driving Car Policy Will Determine Life, Death, and Everything In-Between"

Medium - "My Phone Wants Me to Say 'Thank You'"

Medium - "Can Bots Help Us Deal With Grief?"

Salon - "Your NCAA Bracket Is a Reverse Turing Test"

Medium - "This Robot Knows How To Trick You"

Medium - "We Don't Need Robots That Resemble Humans"

Medium - "Should We Respect Our Robots?"

Medium - "Should We Root for Robot Rights?"

The American Journal of Bioethics - "Algorithmic Bloodhounds"

Stanford Center for Internet and Society Blog - "Why the FCC Should Prevent ISPs From Micromanaging our Lives"

The Guardian - "Robots have already taken over our work, but they're made of flesh and bone" - "Why you should care about net neutrality"

Recode - "We need our platforms to put people and democratic society ahead of cheap profits"

The Guardian - "Why it's dangerous to outsource our critical thinking to computers"

The Guardian - "Will the internet of things result in predictable people?"

Re-Engineering Humanity by Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinge
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