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Table of Contents

Foreword – Nicholas Carr


1.     Engineering Humans

2.     Cogs in the Machine of Our Own Lives

3.     Techno-Social Engineering Creep and the Slippery-Sloped Path

4.     Tools for Engineering Humans

5.     Engineering Humans with Contracts

6.     On Extending Minds and Mind Control

7.     The Path to Smart Techno-Social Environments

8.     Techno-Social Engineering of Humans through Smart Environments

9.     #RelationshipOptimization

10.     Turing Tests and the Line between Humans and Machines

11.    Can Humans be Engineered to be Incapable of Thinking?

12.    Engineered Determinism and Free Will

13.    To What End?

Conclusion: Reimagining and Building Alternative Futures

Re-Engineering Humanity by Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinge
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